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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

privacy policy

ASUZAC Inc. Fine Ceramics Division (hereinafter referred to as “this division”) pays close attention to the protection and handling of customers' personal information. The following explains the privacy policy of this division.

Scope of Using Personal Information

This division may request personal information from customers within the necessary scope when receiving drawings, questionnaires, and inquiries on this division's website. Personal information received from customers will not be used for purposes other than improving the site or developing your products.

Provision of personal information to third parties

This division will not provide your personal information to a third party, unless you have consented to it or you received a legal obligation from a judicial or administrative body.

Implementation of safety measures to protect personal information

This division strictly manages personal information received from customers in order to protect it from loss, destruction, unauthorized outflow, alteration, and unauthorized access. The personal information of customers may be deleted without notice for the convenience of this division.

Inquiries about how ASUZAC handles customers' personal information

When we are asked by customers to do the following, this division will respect the customers will and take appropriate measures.

- Content confirmation
- Modify, update, and delete Please contact us for these requests.

If you wish us to do this, contact us from here:

Sales promotion activities

This division may send you e-mails that may be useful for you, such as new products and current development. E-mails are distributed based on data received from customers. If you do not need these emails, please contact us and we will stop distribution. Note that it may take some time before the distribution is stopped.

Browsing record of this division's site

This division analyzes access histories to provide more complete services. The information that is accumulated when you access this division's site will not be used for any purposes other than statistics for improving services.

SSL encrypted communication of this division's site

ASUZAC Inc. uses the SSL server certificate of "SECOM Passport for Web" to prove its existence and to protect privacy, enabling SSL encrypted communication. Your personal information will be encrypted when transmitted.

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January 17, 2007
ASUZAC Inc. Fine Ceramics Division

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